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Shane Hurlbut, ASC's review and first short film on the new Canon 4k 1DC

I just saw Act of Valor and wanted to share some words about the film with whatever cinematographers may follow me on here.

Lighting was good, Hurlbut knows his shit. It was almost all lights from Home Depot and the Grainger catalog too, pretty impressive. Especially with color rendering on the 5D, I wouldn’t have guessed. But god damn, their “elite team” could use some better focus pullers. It seemed like they didn’t even have a focus puller. I know most of this was run and gun stuff, but the worst focus was that scene inside the boat (I won’t spoil it). They were on sticks, no reason to be that soft or that slow with focus pulling. It was on some of the most crucial and dramatic moments too. I was actually embarrassed for them. 

But props to Hurlbut and the team for making all of this happen in so little shooting days. They went places with the camera that have never been thought of because of camera size and cost. Truly inspirational for today’s cinematographer.

If you haven’t already, go check out Hurlbut’s interview in the latest issue of American Cinematographer, for a more in depth look at the making of the film. Check out his blog, http://www.hurlbutvisuals.com/

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