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Kevin Horn's Princess Diaries

Congrats to my CHESSDOGS family for winning Best Dramatic Narrative at the ACTC Showcase tonight!

Check out the trailer I shot and produced for the 2013 Twin Cities Film Fest

more shameless promotion for my film Panhandler which is set to release next month.

Check out the official trailer for Panhandler, a film I wrote/directed/produced/shot in October of 2012.

Merry Christmas ya filthy animalĀ 

check out this film “CHESSDOGS” that I shot. A lot of time and hard work went into making this.

Check out the new teaser trailer for a film I shot in March called Problem Solving The Republic

Teaser for a film called “Drifter” that probably won’t ever get made but I hope it does

the good ol’ days

big ChessDogs shoot tomorrow.